Ellen Rolls In On A Hospital Bed After Throwing Her Back Out

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

If there’s anyone who’s willing and eager to go all-out for some kind of getup, it’s Ellen DeGeneres.

She certainly knows how to give with great generosity, and she also knows how to plan the perfect scare.

While we might think that Ellen is some sort of superhero, doing good all across the world and making everyone she crosses smile, she’s a person just like you or me. Sure, maybe there’s a little bit of magic in her, but she’s still human!

When Ellen rolled out in a hospital bed at the start of one of her shows, I thought that it was definitely one of her hilarious, elaborate jokes.

But, then, when she starts to address her guests, she’s not telling jokes. Well, of course she peppers in a few jokes, but her story is serious!

Growing older isn’t all roses — and, as she makes clear in this video, Ellen found this out the hard way.

The fact that Ellen still wanted to do her show after this happened to her is a testament to her dedication to her loyal viewers. Is there anything she won’t do to make people happy?

My favorite part is what she keeps making sure to remind her guests… too funny!

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