Young Mom Struggles To Raise Newborn With Navy Husband Gone So Ellen Surprises Her With New Car

by Kat Manos
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Jessica Tuczynski became a new mom in April 2011.

She gave birth to Bella, the sweetest and cutest baby imaginable, but she had to raise her by herself for the first year or so.

Jessica’s husband Paul was in the Navy, so she spent most of her time alone with the baby or getting a little help from her mother.

Unfortunately, Jessica only had a very old and unreliable car to drive around at the time, which is why her mom offered to help out.

Jessica’s mom would drive the baby back and forth between their houses because she was too scared to let her daughter behind the wheel of such an old car prone to breaking down.

That’s when Ellen stepped in!

On her show in 2011, Ellen met with Jessica after her mother surprised her with a trip to the daytime talk show.

Jessica had no idea that her story would be shared on the show, let alone that Ellen would be so inspired to help her out!

After hearing about Jessica’s tenuous situation, Ellen said: “Well, we want to make sure that you’re taken care of so you can travel safely and be with your mom, so we’re going to give you a brand-new Chevy Traverse!”

Jessica completely lost it and started screaming when she heard she was getting a new car!

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Photos: Ellen

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