Ellen Reunites 9 Heroes With Stranger And 3 Kids They Saved After Car Plunged Into Frozen River

by Mauricio Castillo
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Ellen invited the Andersen family to her show to tell the harrowing story of the day their car crashed into an icy river. She also helped reunite them with the nine heroes who’d saved their lives.

On December 31, 2012, Roger Andersen was driving with his three kids in his car when something terrible happened.

According to NBC News, Roger lost control of his car on an icy and slippery road. The car flipped off the road and landed in a freezing river.

Roger and his three small kids were completely submerged as the water filled his car.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Roger was able to remove his seat belt and try to free his 9-year-old daughter from the front passenger seat, but couldn’t see her under the water.

Roger was eventually able to make his way to the surface through a broken window, and that’s when he saw a group of people charge into the river.

After making their way to Roger’s car, they worked together desperately to free the family inside.

Ellen would hear the story. She then gathered the heroes who’d saved the Andersen family from a terrible fate.

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Photos: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

CORRECTIONS: January 26, 2018

An earlier version of this story spelled the family’s last name “Anderson.” The correct spelling is “Andersen.” It also made reference to a “group of nine men” charging into the river, when in fact the Andersens’ rescuers were eight men and one woman. Also, this story attributed the photo credit to “The Ellen Show.” It is correctly attributed to The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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