Ellen Has Hilarious Phone Call With God During Her First TV Appearance In 1986

by Jess Catcher
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Comedy has never been an easy place for a woman to make their name, but that hasn’t stopped some of the most hilarious ladies from conquering the career one knee-slapping joke at a time. Everyone from Carol Burnett to Tina Fey have had to pay their dues on the small stage before lighting up our TV screens with laughter. Nobody knew the young funny lady in the clip below when she walked out for her TV debut on Johnny Carson, but today she puts a smile on countless fans’ faces every day.

Back in 1986, Ellen DeGeneres was making her way through the comedy club rounds when she stopped by the Tonight Show for a set. Her hair may look totally different from what we’re used to now, but it’s still unmistakably Ellen up there poking fun of her family. She starts by addressing how they all look a little bit younger than they really are, herself being only 27 years old at the time but she was often told she looked to be about 23. “That runs in my family… I have a little nephew who is 4, doesn’t even look like he’s born yet.”

Ellen goes on to mention how health-conscious her family is, too, and refers to her 97-year-old grandma quite a few times before changing the topic. While Ellen believes every life on Earth is precious, she has to admit she’s confused by one critter in particular: fleas. To get to the bottom of things, she wonders what it would be like to just call up God and ask him.

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