Ellen DeGeneres Welcomes Adorable New Rescue Puppy, Mrs. Wallis Browning, To Her Family

by Angela Andaloro

Ellen DeGeneres is celebrating a new addition to her family. The 61-year-old daytime talk show host and wife Portia de Rossi have adopted an adorable rescue puppy.

The puppy, whom they’ve named Mrs. Wallis Browning, was introduced to the world by Ellen on the latest episode of her show. The 3-month-old puppy is a standard poodle, adopted from Wagmor Pets. Ellen noted that those interested in getting a purebred would know that adoption is still an option for them.

The sweet puppy joins Ellen’s big brood of animals. She and Portia have three other dogs — Wolf, Augie, and Kid. They also have three cats — Charlie, George, and Chairman.

Ellen has been a longtime animal advocate. She once told People that she dreamed of becoming a veterinarian as a child. It’s not just about dogs and cats, either. Ellen has her own wildlife fund. She even recently partnered with Prince Harry on a project for Elephants Without Borders.

Ellen DeGeneres had an exciting announcement to share on a recent episode of her talk show. The 61-year-old and her wife, Portia de Rossi, have adopted another pooch into their big animal brood. From the looks of it, she’s simply adorable!

“I’m talking fast because I’m excited because I want to tell you something exciting,” Ellen told the studio audience. “We rescued a puppy!” The announcement was met with cheers for Ellen, a known animal advocate.

Ellen then shared a photo of the adorable 3-month-old puppy, whom they named Mrs. Wallis Browning, or Wallis for short. “She’s so cute, I can’t even take it,” she gushed about the sweet pooch.

She even shared a photo of Wallis sitting in front of a full-length mirror, admiring herself. “She’s very adorable and pretty and precious. And she knows it,” Ellen joked. She went on to share a collection of photos she’s taken of Wallis in the week that she’s had her.

Ellen then shared some more information about Wallis, making a point to note that she’s a purebred standard poodle. “For those of you who really want to rescue a dog but really want a purebred, know that you can rescue a pure-breed dog,” she explained. “They have them at rescues, so don’t use that as an excuse.”

Ellen then explained how Wallis became available for adoption. “Wallis is 3 months old. And she, unfortunately, was with some irresponsible people,” she noted. “She was kept in a cage outside in the desert since she was 2 months old.”

Ellen then went on to detail what it was like introducing Wallis to her other three dogs — Wolf, Augie, and Kid. She joked, “They were mad. I think they realized they were going to have to split my fortune an extra way.”

Ellen went on to discuss the work done by Wagmor Pets, the organization she adopted Wallis from. She then revealed that Wallis’ mother is at the organization, awaiting adoption after all her puppies went to good homes.

Ellen is hoping that by telling Wallis’ story, she can help find the perfect owner for Wallis’ mom. The sweet 3-year-old standard poodle was used for breeding her entire life. The organization’s intervention saved her from an early death due to overbreeding.

Ellen has been very vocal about her love of animals. In 2017, she told Good Housekeeping, “They offer unconditional love in ways humans can’t — plus, they don’t talk back. Unless you have one of those dogs who says, ‘I ruv you,’ in which case, please videotape it and send it to my show.”

Her love of animals isn’t just for the domesticated kind, either. Portia knew Ellen loved animals so much that she gifted her the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund. The organization works to support global conservation efforts for critically endangered species.

The organization’s primary focus is gorillas. Ellen’s childhood hero was Dian Fossey, the legendary figure behind Gorillas in the Mist. Today, the Ellen Fund is a proud partner of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International.

Ellen recently teamed up with Prince Harry to help in his own wildlife conservation efforts. The two worked to promote Elephants Without Borders, an organization that outfits elephants with satellite tracking collars so that researchers can learn more about elephants’ needs so they can continue to thrive.

Ellen’s passion for animals and for making a difference is truly undeniable. Whether it’s giving elephants and gorillas the chance to live optimally in their natural habitats or giving a dog like Wallis the chance to “live next door to Oprah,” Ellen is truly a crusader for animals.