Ellen Surprises Grieving Mom With Note About How Her Late 3-Year-Old Son Is Helping Strangers

by June Rivers
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In May 2014, Jacqui Saldana’s 3-year-old son, Ryan, was playing frisbee outside his cousins’ home when he was struck and killed by a truck.

Jacqui and her husband Dan went through the unthinkable. To help cope with the devastating loss, Jacqui turned to her bakery/mommy blog, Baby Boy Bakery, which she started when Ryan just a newborn. She began posting photos of Ryan, along with memories and heartfelt stories about him and the impact of his death.

The blogging community rallied behind Jacqui. Her blog became a source of strength and support for grieving parents all over the world.

As the holidays rolled around, Jacqui, Dan, and her mother went to a taping of The Ellen Show, but things took an unexpected turn when Ellen made this announcement:

“There is someone in our audience today who we invited to our show, because she’s going through a very tough time, and I want to meet her.”

Jacqui was awestruck as she sat down next to Ellen, who was already beginning to break down in tears. What was even more shocking to Jacqui was the fact Ellen revealed she knew all about her blog.

“Every blog you write is helping so many people,” Ellen told her. “The fact that you are so honest about how hard it is to get up every single day and the holidays and knowing how hard it must be this time of year — I can’t ever make up that loss for you.”

Jacqui and Ellen cried together, but the beloved host wasn’t about to let her go without doing everything in her power to try and make her smile.

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