Scared Teen Sings Song She Wrote For Judges, But Then Breaks Down In Middle Of Audition

by Mauricio Castillo
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Back in 2012, a 16-year-old candidate by the name of Ella Henderson auditioned for The X Factor UK.

Many of you may be familiar with her.

Her journey began in the video below, when she performed a stunningly moving audition for a chance to get on the show.

Ella is from Lincolnshire, England, and credits her grandpa, Bill, as one of the most encouraging figures in her life. Ella said that Bill urged her to pursue her love of singing and songwriting.

When he passed away, the devastation she felt led her to write the song she performed in front of the judges, titled “Missed.”

As the tune began and the judges waited on her to begin her performance, judge Mel B noticed that Ella was hesitating — the singer’s eyes were red and full of tears, and her lip was quivering.

But after a few extra seconds, she willed herself to begin her performance.

And what a performance it was.

She passionately sang her original song, and the audience was in a trance, following her every word.

There was even a point where she paused to compose herself again, lest she be taken over by her emotions.

In the end, all four judges were completely in awe and impressed by Ella, which led to her family, and especially her dad, to be moved to tears.

Ella went on to finish in sixth place on the show. She received overwhelming support from fans and celebrities alike, and has since continued her music career.

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