Elizabeth Smart Comes Together With Other Kidnapping Survivors To Help 13-Year-Old Jayme Closs

by Kim Wong-Shing
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It’s been three months since Jayme Closs, 13, was found alive after escaping from her abductor’s home.

The abductor killed Jayme’s parents, then held her captive for three months.

Now that Jayme is free and back with her family, she has a unique band of supporters to help her heal from this unimaginable nightmare. A group of women who have all survived kidnappings banded together for a TV special, Smart Justice, to help Jayme.

Elizabeth Smart, who was kidnapped at 14 years old in 2002, led the group. The Lifetime special also included Gina DeJesus, Katie Beers, Kara Robinson, Alicia Kozakiewicz, Denise Huskins, and Sarah Maynard. If anybody knows what Jayme is going through, it’s these women.

Like Jayme, Sarah’s kidnapper also killed her parents.

“You can never say ‘mom’ again,” Sarah said. “It’s the worst feeling in the world. They didn’t just die, their lives were brutally taken. It made me become a really strong woman. It made me become a really strong mother.”

The women hope that they can use their own experiences to help Jayme move forward.

“My mission is simple: Help Jayme move forward and heal,” Elizabeth explained.

Jayme is continuing to recover at home with her family. Meanwhile, her kidnapper, Jake Patterson, faces two mandatory life sentences for the murder of her parents. His sentencing is scheduled for May 24.

Watch the video to see Elizabeth Smart lead a discussion between these incredible women.

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