Mom Hasn’t Touched Her Long Hair In Years, But When She Leaves Salon, She Looks So Different

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

After first hearing about Christopher, aka “The Makeover Guy,” via the radio and Facebook, Elise knew she needed to pay him a visit.

The new mom had put her beauty routine on the back burner. While her 9-month-old baby loved to get tangled up in her hair, Elise had grown tired of her thick, wrist-length locks. The only problem? She had no idea what to do with all of her hair, and went years without a style, cut or color.

At first, Elise and the staff played a little joke on Christopher and said she wanted a major change — but to keep the length. “I fell for it,” he said.

But when Elise revealed that Christopher had complete creative control, he was so relieved. She wanted him to cut off as much length as he wanted and was open to anything.

“My head doesn’t hurt anymore!” she said as the inches were snipped away.

With a bold new cut, highlights, and a fresh face of makeup, commenters couldn’t help but notice Elise looked so much younger after her transformation. Her new shoulder-length cut really took years off of her!

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