Family Drives To Adopt Newborn, Then Mom Sees Message From Dead Daughter On Car’s License Plate

by Jess Butler
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When something seems too good to be true, we call it a coincidence. After all the remarkable coincidences the Legge family went through, it’s easy to label their story a miracle.

Beth Legge, her husband Adam, and their two daughters endured a sudden tragedy when they lost a family member. The Legges’ 10-month-old daughter Evelyn passed away and took a piece of their hearts with her.

The family made a visit to Coney Island in Cincinnati, OH, to celebrate what would have been late Evelyn’s third birthday. Then they received the text message that started it all.

According to DearEvy, a page the Legge’s created to honor Evelyn, the message read, “How serious are you about adoption?” It referred to a friend of a friend’s baby.

This was something that Beth and Adam had been thinking about for a while and according to WLWT5, the couple believed that “God sent signs to guide them through this decision.”

The Legge’s corresponded back and forth with Dawn, the woman who sent them the text. After sending in a short bio, they received a phone call from Dawn the next evening.

The Legge’s were put in contact with the newborn baby’s grandmother and finally his birth mother, Naomi, who agreed to meet them the next morning. That was when Legge’s learned that the newborn they were about to adopt was actually born on the same day as their late daughter, Evelyn — 3 years later.

Eventually, it was time to pick up their new son, ultimately named Elijah by his birth mother. While they were on their way to the hospital, the car in front of them had Evelyn’s nickname, “Evy”  printed across the license plate. They believed that Evelyn was watching over them. It was as if she were with God, sending signs and messages to them.

The next sign from above? The nurse in Elijah’s room just happened to be named Evelyn.

“The events kept happening and we got to meet the little baby, Elijah. And he was actually born on the same day as our daughter that had passed away, three years later,” Beth beams in the video below.

With all these coincidences happening at once, it was clear that the Legges’ adoption of baby Elijah was meant to be. After lots of prayer, they were granted temporary custody to keep Elijah in their arms during his last day at the hospital and he finally became an official member of the family soon after.

“It is amazing!” a smiling Beth explains. “I mean it’s just great when you know your life’s headed on one path and then you trust in God and he provides for you.”

Adam adds, “With Elijah coming into our lives, it’s amazing that all the signs were obviously there, that it was all him.”

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