Man Waves To Herd Of Elephants, Then Rescued Baby Rushes To Greet Him And Shower Him In Love

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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If you know anything about elephants, then you know they can most often be found in a herd, usually hanging out in the water or in the mud.

They bathe together, using either mud or water to keep cool. And it is always a bit of a family affair!

But you don’t really need to be an elephant to be a part of the herd. As you’ll see in the video below, a human can be like family too!

Darrick works at the Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary where elephants rescued from terrible to not-so-awful conditions live.

When he calls to them, they happily come rushing over, blowing out of their trunks as a greeting.

One young elephant in particular, KhamLa, loves Darrick very much.

She likes to wrap her trunk around his arm like she’s holding his hand and walk with him all over the park. The love is quite mutual, as Darrick enjoys helping her bathe and being part of her herd.

If you think this is a sweet story, you will enjoy other videos of the elephants from Elephant Nature Park, like this elephant that rushes into the water when she thinks Darrick is drowning! You can donate to Save Elephant here!

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Video Credit: Save Elephant

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