6-Year-Old Plants Messages About Family All Over The House, But No One Finds Them Until She Dies

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

Keith and Brooke Desserich were devastated by news no parents should have to hear. Just before her sixth birthday, their daughter Elena was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer.

She was given only nine months to live.

The Desserich family tried to keep Elena from knowing her gut-wrenching fate, but the little girl was wise beyond her years. As her treatment progressed, she seemed to grasp the notion that she was going to go to heaven.

Elena was always a highly creative and artistic child who expressed herself through art and writing. During those nine months she battled cancer, she did something that would leave her family stunned.

Elena secretly left notes scattered around her Ohio home for her family to find after she died, in a way to help them cope with her inevitable death. She scribbled and drew colorful notes and doodles on any type of paper she could find, from Post-its to printer paper. She left them hidden in pages of books, cupboards and sock drawers. Some simply said “I love you,” while others were detailed and inspirational. Most of them featured her favorite symbol, a heart.

She even left behind notes to help prepare her younger sister Gracie for kindergarten.

Elena Desserich passed away in August 2007. A few days later, her family began finding the notes scattered throughout the house — and they decided to do something incredible with them.

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