An Elementary School Teacher Gives The Greatest Gift Of All To Her Student

by Paul Morris
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It’s been a long and hard journey for 8-year-old Nicole Miller. Filled with ups and downs, laughter and tears, heartache and hope, this little girl has finally been given a new lease on life.

Little Nicole was born with only one kidney, and ever since her first day on Earth she has been struggling just to survive. Her kidney has been failing her her whole life, and no matter how hard her parents looked for a proper match they never seemed to find anyone whose DNA and blood fit perfectly enough for a transplant.

Those two parents kept up their frantic search in spite of the terrible odds, but it wasn’t until a teacher from Nicole’s very own Elementary school that their whole lives changed forever.

After years of waiting, the day of the transplant had finally arrived. And when the selfless teacher named Wendy was asked how she felt, she simply stated, “I felt very calm, I knew that the Lord had orchestrated this whole thing, so I knew we were in good hands. Actually I was excited.”

It honestly just seems that anyone who is willing to be a teacher is a very special kind of human being. Long hours, low pay, lack of thanks, this story is yet another example of how amazing our nation’s teachers really are!

After the surgery, Nicole was happy and healthy. Wendy’s lifelong dream was to be a mom, wife, and teacher so she already feels blessed. “For Nicole, my hope for her is that she just continues to feel better, and that she gets the chance to be a little girl and live out the life that God has for her.”

This extraordinary story really shows how amazing our teachers are. And little Nicole is a positive medical miracle in herself! The doctors keeping track of her terrific recovery are all astounded at the speed that her body has accepted this amazing gift. She’s setting new records in terms of recovery time for such an intense surgery! Get well soon Nicole and Wendy!

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