Dad Sees Note From Secretary About Daughter’s Weight After Mom Enrolls Her In Elementary School

by June Rivers
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Katie Dickens was busy getting her 5-year-old daughter ready to begin kindergarten in Walton County, Georgia.

She made sure to fill out Form 3300, which must be completed by parents enrolling their kids in the Georgia Public School System for the first time. The form has four categories for incoming students: vision, hearing, dental, and nutrition.

Just as the school year was about to begin, Katie’s husband found a letter in the mail from the soon-to-be elementary school, signed by the secretary. After ripping it open, he immediately called Katie in a haze of concern and confusion.

“So, is the school calling our kid fat?” he asked her.

Lo and behold, Katie saw a checkmark next to the nutrition category, along with a set of surprising requirements that left her furious. Keep in mind: At this point, the school had never even met Katie’s daughter.

Now, Katie is speaking out about the controversial letter. Many readers agree that the school stepped over the line — and that their daughter’s weight is none of its business.

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Footage provided by WXIA Atlanta

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