Elderly Woman With Dementia Is Delighted When Son And Grandson Help Her Make A Teacup Garden

by Angela Andaloro

A grandmother living with vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s was treated to a fun project by her son and grandson.

Like many people, 87-year-old Hendrika van Genderen has gotten used to having her family home during shutdowns. In Australia, things are getting back to normal. As her family resumes their usual business, Hendrika shared with her son that she was feeling a bit lonely.

Hendrika’s son, Jason, wanted to do something special to lift her spirits. His son, 14-year-old Levi, gathered supplies to help them make a teacup garden. Hendrika was a huge fan of gardening but has recently dealt with some falls that have kept her indoors more often.

She was delighted by the idea she could garden on such a small scale.

Levi films Jason and Hendrika as they go about the task. Hendrika is jubilant when Jason reveals some tiny figurines resembling the members of their family.

“She felt empty inside and inviting mom to help build the teacup garden was a heart-melting moment of tenderness,” Jason said of putting together the teacup garden.

Jason has shared a lot of beautiful moments between himself and his mom. Hendrika lives full-time with Jason and his wife Megan. Between their car rides together and their bonding time with Jason’s kids, it’s clear the mother and son share something truly special.

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