Young Man Helps His Elderly Neighbor With Her Physical Therapy, Then Records The Whole Thing

by Gwendolyn Plummer
Gwen is a writer, reader, hockey fan, concert goer, and lunchtime enthusiast.

Anthony Granato of Albany, New York, sure knows how to make working out fun!

Anthony’s elderly neighbor, Mary Dolan, is currently in physical therapy.

She has at-home workouts that she needs to complete — but she sometimes struggles with them.

Because she was struggling to complete her exercises properly, Mary called Anthony over to “supervise.” Anthony recorded the workout, and hilarity ensued.

In the video below, Anthony records the best moments of Mary’s workout, from her greeting him by saying “My dear friend, God bless you, honey,” to the hysterically dramatic end of her fun fitness session.

While Mary works hard on building muscle and mobility in her arms, Anthony spots her to make sure she doesn’t get injured, and cheers her on.

In one of the final clips from the workout, Anthony plays arguably the best workout song ever to help Mary finish off strong: Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.” While the song plays, Anthony calls out in support, “One more, Mary! You got this!”

This video really makes me wish I had someone like Anthony to help me get through my workouts. Honestly, I think Mary might be stronger than I am. If these two sold a fitness DVD, I’d buy it.

Check out this video below to see Anthony and Mary’s fun workout, and please SHARE this video below if you love this unstoppable duo!

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