Bus Driver Looks Back At Old Man Acting Strange In Aisle, Sees Other Passengers Refusing To Help

by Jess Butler
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Random acts of kindness are as incredible to watch as they are to commit. For one bus driver in China, kindness was the only thing on his mind.

While driving his passengers from stop to stop, something stuck out to the man. While he was in park, waiting for an elderly man to exit the vehicle and be on his way, he realized that something was off.

An elderly man leaned over when he got to the open double doors. He put his right leg forward as his arms clung firmly to the bars beside the doorway. With his leg leading the way and his arms supporting him from behind, the elderly man slowly inched forward — but barely.

It was almost as if the elderly man was standing still, trying to position himself and prepare to step off the bus and onto the sidewalk outside.

The worst part of all was that in a bus with at least eight other people on it, nobody even tried to help him exit. Not a single passenger budged.

However, one person did notice the elderly man’s struggle: the bus driver.

The man behind the wheel looked to the back of the bus to see what was taking so long, and then it hit him. The elderly man desperately needed his help. So, the bus driver unbuckled his seat belt and hopped out through the front set of doors.

He made his way over to the elderly man from outside the bus and grabbed the elderly man’s arm. Supporting his arm alone, wasn’t going to do the trick, so he went all in. The bus driver wrapped his arms tightly around the elderly man’s waist. With full strength, he lifted the elderly man up and off the bus platform, then settled him down onto the sidewalk below.

The elderly man experienced an easy glide off the bus, all thanks to the driver’s selflessness. The driver acted as an everyday hero, something we need more of these days. Check out the surveillance footage in the video posted on December 16, 2016, below!

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