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Firefighter Tries To Walk Out To Senior Dog Trapped On Frozen Pond, But Crashes Through Thin Ice

by Rebekka Spiller
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Delilah the 19-year-old (in human years) dog was exploring the snowy wonderland that her Connecticut backyard had transformed into, until the ice beneath her paws cracked and her body was submerged under the frigid water.

When her owner noticed, he immediately called 911. Shortly after the call, firefighters arrived and evaluated the situation.

They realized that trying to get the dog out of the pond turned out to be more of a challenge than firefighters had anticipated. In fact, when firefighter Rob Petrie tried to walk out on to the ice, he barely made it a few steps from land before the ice cracked. 

Delilah wasn’t as lucky, falling through a patch that was hovering over a 10-foot-drop.

Fortunately the firefighters had received specific training for ice rescues, so they knew exactly what to do.

Assistant Chief George Gomola of the Fairfield Fire Department explains to, “We had a special rescue stick with a loop around it that would tighten around her neck as [Delilah] came to the edge.”

The rescue only took about 10 minutes, but it must have felt like an eternity to Delilah’s owner, who broke down in tears of joy upon her return.

“He dropped by the station and after he gave us a donation he said, ‘You guys just saved our Christmas,'” Gomola said. “This is what we do — make your Christmas every day. We are trained to change people’s lives.”

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