Mom Crochets Weird Apron With 20 Little Pockets, Then Reveals She’s Keeping Eggs Inside

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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If you’ve ever collected eggs from a chicken, you know that one of the challenges is making sure to carry all the eggs in a safe way.

Honestly, that’s a concern any time you’re carrying eggs, whether they come fresh from the henhouse or a grocery store egg carton.

But for those homesteaders who often collect eggs from their own backyard, one woman just came up with the most clever way to carry eggs ever: a brilliant crocheted apron!

Don’t have any chickens on your property? Her apron is also great for Easter! This brilliant invention will make it easier and more fun for kids (and adults) everywhere to collect Easter eggs.

Ashlea, the creator of Heart Hook Home, came up with a brilliant crochet pattern for an egg-gathering apron — and since posting the pattern online, it’s gone viral!

Find more information about this awesome apron below!

[H/T: Heart Hook Home]

chicken egg apron

When Ashlea realized she needed a better way to collect eggs from her chickens, she had a brilliant idea.

Ashlea created a cute and funky egg-gathering apron — and people everywhere love her idea.

adult egg apron

Ashlea’s Facebook page, Deal Detecting Diva, shared the clever idea, and immediately people thought it was insanely brilliant.

Around 13,000 people have liked the photo Ashlea put up, but it’s the comments and shares that are really astounding: over 242,000 people shared the photo, and over 30,000 commented on it!

egg apron

One person wrote, “Bought the ad free pattern. Can’t wait to make a few of them for a friend.”

Another explained why she could definitely use the apron: “I use a pocket on my hoodie. I also keep my phone in there. Yup you guessed it! Egg ruined my phone when I bent over and leaned on them!!”

apron egg

Crafty chicken keepers everywhere are so glad to finally have a great egg-gathering option that they can make themselves.

One woman commented on the Facebook photo, “Wow my 2 favourite hobbies combined! Chickens and crochet! Life is good.”

adult egg apron

If you don’t have any chickens of your own, this kooky crocheted apron could still be useful for you!

Not only can you make the children’s apron for your kids for Easter, but you can also use them as aprons with lots of storage (for your cell phone, for candy, for whatever you want).

You can download the adult pattern here, and you can download the child pattern here.

children's egg apron

What do you think of this wacky, adorable apron? Let us know in the comments below!

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