This Oreo And Cool Whip Cake Is The Perfect No-Bake Birthday Dessert

by Phil Mutz
Phil is an Editor at LittleThings. He loves writing and the outdoors. You can often find him at the movies or the park.

I am pretty sure I’m not alone in thinking that the best part of any birthday party is the birthday cake.

Presents are great and all, but blowing out the candles after a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday” is a must at any celebration. As a result, I’m constantly on the lookout for new recipes that will put a new spin on a regular birthday cake, like this incredible n0-bake cake made from 24 ice cream sandwiches.

And when I spotted this simple recipe for a no-bake birthday cake using Oreos and Cool Whip, I knew it would quickly become one of my favorites.


  • Cool Whip
  • Chocolate pudding mix
  • Oreos
  • Mini M&Ms
  • Chocolate chips


  1. Mix Cool Whip and chocolate pudding mix in medium-sized mixing bowl.
  2. Place layer of Oreos in bottom of cake pan.
  3. Spread layer of Cool Whip pudding mix over top of Oreos.
  4. Apply second layer of Oreos.
  5. Spread layer of unmixed Cool Whip over top of Oreos.
  6. Top with mini M&Ms and chocolate chips, as desired.
  7. Serve and enjoy!

This recipe is so amazingly easy to follow. And it’s perfect for someone like me who doesn’t necessarily have all the time in the world to bake a cake.

Watch the video below to see just how simple it is to make this no-bake birthday cake yourself. Will you be trying this for your next birthday party? Let us know in the comments.

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