Here’s An Easy Gift Wrapping Tip That Will Help Us All Stop Wasting So Much Wrapping Paper

by Karen Belz
Karen Belz has written for sites such as Bustle, HelloGiggles, Romper, and So Yummy. She's the mom of a sassy toddler and drinks an alarming amount of Sugar-Free Red Bull in order to keep up with her.

The holidays are here, which means that it’s time to bust out the wrapping paper and hope that your relatives can forgive you for using 12 pieces of tape on one square box.

Not all of us are professionals with wrapping paper. And that is OK. You might want your presents to be Instagram-worthy, but the most important part of the gift exchange is when the presents are ripped open and the recipients smile at what you’ve gifted.

But one new paper hack seems just a little too easy. From the looks of it, there’s a very simple way to solve one of the biggest wrapping issues. Listen — I know certain papers have guidelines. And I know that, by now, I should be able to accurately figure out how much paper one box uses.

But still, there have been years where sheets have been wasted because the paper was cut too short.

The British bookstore chain Waterstones read everyone’s mind this holiday season. It shared a video that’ll save you a ton of frustration.

Waterstones made sure to label the video as a “public service announcement,” likely because whoever runs its social media page knew how common it is to underestimate your paper needs. All you need to do is slightly rotate your box. That way, the paper will cover all areas.

People admitted that they were mortified over not knowing such an easy hack. Even those who have wrapped tons of books and other similar square-shaped items had no idea. It’s interesting that so many smart individuals just might not have thought that a small rotation would save so much frustration.

In a second video, Waterstones admitted that this hack won’t work with every book. Some books might just be too thick. In that case, Waterstones advertised that it also sold gift bags, which are an easy, stress-free way to hide any present. All of the materials can be found on its website.

In a way, perhaps admitting that the hack wasn’t completely foolproof was the chain’s way of acknowledging that it’s OK for people to have not known about the hack before. Granted, it may make you feel a little foolish. After watching the video, it seems like something that should be basic knowledge.

Wrapping is like a form of art. For some people, folding the paper can be extremely therapeutic. Again, there’s nothing that makes Christmas look more magical than a perfectly wrapped gift. It’s why, despite the presence of gift boxes and bags, people still choose to wrap.

According to HuffPost, the wrapping video was one of the most popular of the day. Around 11.7 million people viewed it within the first day of it being on the internet. There’s a good chance you also saw the video due to a share on Facebook, where it gained even more momentum. The video originally came from BlossomHacks on Twitter.

The Twitter feed supports the website Blossom, which often includes fun DIY videos and cleaning hacks for the home. Some of them seem to work, while others are much more tough to emulate. This one, however, is truly legitimate. All you need to test it out yourself is a box and some paper.

It may have changed the holiday season for everyone. Suddenly, the concept of wrapping seemed a lot less daunting. Not only will you help financially save on paper, but you’ll also be saving the environment by throwing less of it away and creating smaller amounts of garbage.

Speaking of, the topic of wrapping paper got people talking about other environmentally friendly ways to help hide presents this year. One Twitter user said that they decided to wrap their gifts in towels. That way, nothing would be thrown out — and the towels can serve as gifts themselves.

Recyclable wrapping paper also exists. One company called Wrappily has successfully marketed tons of papers that are available on newsprint. It may be a small change, but it’ll make a huge difference if more and more people switch to alternative wrapping methods. Even better, these recyclable papers are available in cute prints.

Eventually, it would make sense if all wrapping paper changed to something that was more environmentally friendly. Just think about how much paper you, individually, use every year. It may be too late to make the changeover now, but maybe next year you can find alternative methods.

That said, it would be tough to perform the new “hack” with towels. You might be tempted to rewrap a gift just to see the hack in action. That, or it may change the way you look at wrapping all of your gifts. Maybe this is the best way to make everything look pretty and organized.

Again, you shouldn’t feel foolish for not hearing about this one previously. If it was common knowledge, a video wouldn’t have been made about it. The people who didn’t know likely outnumber the people who did. That makes the funny Twitter reactions even better.

It’s also good to know that there’s still something that can surprise us regarding the winter holidays. Even if you feel like you’re a master at Christmas presents and Hanukkah gifts, there’s always something that’ll throw you for a loop. Your gift-wrapping game will always benefit from improvement.

Again, just remember. A gift in any wrapping will still be a beautiful surprise. Even if your personal wrapping skills can’t be saved by any type of hack, you’re definitely going to make someone’s holiday brighter by your thoughtfulness and presence.