Paralyzed Veteran Thinks New Garage Is His Surprise, Then Spots Strangers Standing On His Roof

by Jess Butler
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Earnest Sanders Jr., a dedicated U.S. Army veteran with a less-than-lucky past, was involved in a brutal car accident that tragically claimed both his wife, and his ability to move.

After making it through the pain he was feeling, Earnest received a settlement for the crash. He decided to use the money to build a handicap-accessible garage because his legs were paralyzed.

In a sad turn of events, unlicensed contractors scammed him for over $40,000, leaving Earnest with a faulty, leaking garage that was unsuitable for the veteran’s needs.

Then, Earnest and his daughter, Reverend Dinah Tatman, met a man named Todd Hart, the owner of Hart Family Construction in Oakland, Tennessee.

Todd and his crew quickly began working on Earnest’s garage, completely transforming it into a craftsman’s paradise. Earnest and Dinah were stunned by the free construction, knowing it would mean a world of difference to the veteran’s mobility.

“You don’t know how much I appreciate you straightening this out for me,” Earnest said with a smile, thanking the men for all of their hard work.

Although the grateful father and daughter were overjoyed, the surprises weren’t finished.

Earnest looked up to see men standing on his roof. The deserving dad and Dinah were then reduced to tears when they learned they’d be receiving a free roof replacement and landscaping in both the front and backyard.

Dinah explained, “God had been faithful to Poppy to know that people cross over cultural lines, and there is good.”

All thanks to these Good Samaritans and their faithful hearts, Earnest and Dinah had the biggest smiles on their faces.

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