Woman Jumps Out Of Her Truck And Gets Run Over After Her E-Cigarette Explodes In Her Lap

by Kat Manos
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Last year, Melissa Madsen tried to quit smoking. She thought the best way to start would be to buy an e-cigarette, or a vape. But one accident involving her vape changed her life forever.

“People buy vapes in order to quit smoking cigarettes, under the impression that it’s a safer way to quit smoking cigarettes,” Melissa explained to KSAZ. “That’s exactly why I bought a vaporizer, and yet there I was, in the hospital bed.”

In April 2017, Melissa was driving in Tempe, Arizona, where she lives, smoking her e-cigarette behind the wheel of her truck.

Unexpectedly, the vape exploded in her lap, causing Melissa’s pants to catch fire and severely burn her legs. The pain was so much that she jumped out of her moving truck, which ended up running her over.

“The pain got so surreal, where it’s like I had to get out this truck right now,” Melissa recalled of the accident.

That day, 6% of Melissa’s body was covered in third-degree burns and she suffered two broken hips, as well as road rash across her body.

Initially, she didn’t know if she’d ever walk again — she couldn’t move her legs once the truck rolled over her.

Since then, Melissa has undergone eight surgeries and has learned, quite slowly, how to walk again.

Doctors told her that if she’d like to have children in the future, she will need to get three screws in her pelvis removed.

Luckily, the 21-year-old is optimistic and no longer smoking her e-cigarette. “I have a whole different outlook on life for the better,” she remarked to KNXV.

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Photos: KNXV Phoenix; Flickr / Lindsay Fox

Footage provided by KNXV Phoenix

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