Dying Woman Fears She Won’t Get To See Her Dog One Last Time, Then Her Doctor Steps In

by Caralynn Lippo
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A kindhearted doctor in Leawood, Kansas, went out of his way to help make the dying wish of one of his elderly patients come true.

The anonymous woman, who has been dubbed “Mary” by the local news, was in her 80s and in ill health. Nearing the end of her life and confined to her hospital bed, Mary longed for her longtime companion, her beloved dog Herman. She desperately wanted to be with the 11-year-old rat terrier — and her medical team became determined to make that happen for her.

“She had what we call respiratory failure, and in this situation, it just so serendipitously happened to be something that we could really do,” her doctor, Ryan Sears of Kansas City Medicine Partners, told Fox 4 News.

According to Fox 4, Herman had been taken to a nearby shelter in the State Line Animal Hospital when Mary became ill and was hospitalized. Dr. Sears decided to go to the shelter himself to pick up Herman and bring him to Mary for one last snuggle. It turned out to be exactly what Mary needed in her final moments.

“The instant that she saw him, she was wanting to pet on him, and you could see the change in her face that she was so happy to see her dog,” Dr. Sears recalled, noting that it was hard to keep an excited Herman calm as he finally reunited with his person. “He wanted to be right up next to her. We had to wrap him up in a blanket because he was just so much energy, and we had so many things going on at time.”

Sadly, Mary died the following day, and Herman had to go back to the shelter to await his new home. According to Mary’s doctor, it was so important to her that Herman find a good home after she was gone.

The early October news report from Fox 4 mentioned that Herman was adopted soon after but later returned to the shelter after the family realized they couldn’t devote all the time to Herman that he needed. He was once again put up for adoption, and according to his Petfinder profile, it looks like Herman finally found a new forever home to live out his own last years in happiness and peace!

Footage provided by WDAF Kansas City

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