One-Eyed Dog Dying Of Cancer Gets Bucket List Wish Granted, Becomes K-9 Officer For A Day

by Olivia Jakiel
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A 14-year-old one-eyed Parson Russell terrier named Jack was able to check off one major item on his bucket list, thanks to the Wilmington Police Department in North Carolina.

Jack was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in his jaw, and his owners, Jeremy Miller and his wife, were understandably devastated. Jeremy adopted Jack when he was just 2 years old, and he wanted to make sure Jack lived out the rest of his life in the best way possible. So naturally, he and his wife created a bucket list for the terminally ill pooch.

Jeremy told Inside Edition: “We decided to celebrate his life rather than be depressed waiting for him to pass away because of all the years of joy and happiness he’s given us.

He’s proving that despite looking down this loaded barrel we call cancer that he too can go out happy and positive rather than sad and scared.”

When the Wilmington Police Department caught wind of Jack’s story, they decided to grant one of his wishes: becoming a K-9 officer for the day. “When we saw Jack’s story on the local news, many of our officers were touched. Then we saw his actual bucket list, which included taking a ride in a patrol car,” Wilmington police officers told Inside Edition. They added, “We were excited that we could be a part of Jack’s journey and help make his final days memorable.”

Jeremy also added, “He is a rare special little man — wife says [he’s] my mini-me. He’s fearless. Beyond fearless. He has never backed down from anything.”

You can check out Jack’s bucket list here. To see Jack’s amazing day as an honorary K-9 officer, check out the video below.

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