Colorfully Dyed Armpit Hair Is Taking The World By Storm

by Ariana Seigel
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When it comes to following fashion trends, those who take the biggest risks usually stay ahead of the curve.

As a result, amazing looks like “rainbow” hair have been sweeping the nation — even “rainbow” eyebrows are popping up as the coolest way to match bold new hairstyles.

But when I saw what these women were dyeing now? I didn’t even know this was possible. The hottest new beauty trend appears to be colorfully dyed armpit hair!

Though the trend may seem a bit strange, girls across America are running to their local beauty salon, or just picking up a box of hair dye at the drug store, and rushing to show off this new look.

So what’s behind this newest beauty trend? Scroll through these shocking pictures to discover the fashion craze everyone’s been talking about.

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Though ladies have been dyeing their armpit hair as far back as 2007, the craze has really taken hold in the past few years.

As beauty norms are shifting and more women are embracing their armpit hair, this fashion trend follows as a natural next step.

With celebrities like Miley Cyrus and more leading the way, girls everywhere are flocking to copy this shocking new beauty craze.

With “how-to” instructional videos garnering thousands of views, women can easily try these looks at home by making a quick trip to their local drug store and picking up some (light) bleach and a box of “Manic Panic” hair dye.

Because underarms tend to be sensitive, do-it-yourselfers are using a lower volume peroxide to strip the color, rather than the stronger versions many use to dye their head hair.

And the color options are endless: yellow, neon green, and purple are popular hues — just to name a few.

Tons of salons are also advertising professional dye-jobs. Vain Salon in Seattle is just one of the many spots offering their services for a reasonable price.

“Pit-ins” are yet another way for women to celebrate and decorate their armpit hair.

Popping up in cities like Seattle and Pensacola, groups are assembling for dyeing sessions with other likeminded ladies.

But dying one’s armpits isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a political one as well.

“Free Your Pits,” a website dedicated to celebrating growing and dyeing, shares in its manifesto: “[it’s a] demonstration of personal choice and expression to help broaden and challenge the standard of ‘beauty’ in a society that already places way too many harmful standards on women.”

Rosie Hunt, owner of Vain Salon and cofounder of “Free Your Pits,” notes that there’s a variety of reasons why a woman might want to dye her underarms.

“One woman came in to get them done because she was going on a family vacation and wanted to freak out her in-laws.

Racheal Bennet, an aspiring hairstylist from Ottawa, shares with The New York Times, “I do it because it looks cool. And because I think that people should be able to do what they please, and feel beautiful regardless of what they do. Though my parents [do] think I’m crazy.” 

Women are taking their armpit decorations one step farther — adding sequins, glitter, even colorful hair extensions.

Men are also joining the movement, showing off their bright underarms with the best of them.

Whether you choose to embrace this latest fashion trend or not, the makers of iconic hair-dye brand “Manic Panic” want to remind women everywhere to embrace their look no matter how unconventional.

They share with The New York Times, “We love defiance. We love flying in the face of beauty standards.”

How do you feel about this surprising new trend? Would you ever dye your armpit hair? Let us know in the comments.

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