Injured Shark Struggles With Rope Digging Into Skin, Then Realizes Diver Is Trying To Grab Him

by Jess Butler
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When diver Skyler Thomas and tour operators Vinny and Debbie took a dip in the ocean near Cat Island in the central Bahamas, they never expected to come face to face with a severely injured shark.

The trio were swimming around in search of Oceanic whitetip sharks, but they stumbled upon a few dusky sharks instead. They realized one of them was in desperate need of help.

In the video below, posted on March 7, 2017, Skyler explains, “We were there for Oceanic whitetip sharks, but there are also other species there occasionally, and in this case there were some silky sharks and some dusky sharks. And one particular dusky shark had a rope wrapped around it and heavily embedded in its flesh.”

Vinnie decided to make a risky move in order to help the marine animal. Skyler says, “Vinny got on board, got prepared, grabbed a knife and a bag, and was able to get back in the water and wait long enough for the shark to become used to his presence — until he was able to get close enough and actually grab ahold of the shark and cut into the rope, which was pretty deep down into the shark, and remove it.”

The team continues to track the shark to make sure he is doing well and healing after the removal of the rope that constricted him for so long. Skyler notes that the dusky shark isn’t notoriously aggressive, but he was in an injured, panicked state.

The fact that he slowed down in order for Vinny to cut the rope off meant that there was a level of trust between the two species, which is pretty dumbfounding.

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