Guy Sees His Former Lover With Disabled Triplets And Makes A Stunning Realization About Her

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

After her divorce, Liz Dunn was left to raise her three-year-old daughter, Sarah, as a single mom. But Liz was also pregnant again, and this time, it was triplets.

On April 30, 2000, Liz gave birth to identical triplet girls at just 24 weeks. Together, Zoe, Sophie and Emma weighed less than four pounds, but miraculously, they survived. The girls also developed ototoxicity from the antibiotics they were given in the hospital to prevent infection.

At four months old, Liz learned the triplets were blind. At two years old, she learned they were deaf.

The Dunn Triplets remain the world’s only known deafblind triplets.

Imagine raising four young children on your own. Now imagine three of those children have severe special needs. Liz was physically exhausted and emotionally depleted.

By the time the triplets turned four, she needed some kind of miracle. Little did she know an old flame was about to unexpectedly pop back into her life.

14 years had passed since Liz had been with her college boyfriend, George — but he walked back into her life at just the right time. However, Liz was holding back the huge piece of information he needed to know. She told him she had triplets, and that her triplets were deafblind.

Liz surely thought George would go running for the hills.

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