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Owners Force Emaciated Pit Bull Out Of Their Car And Speed Away But Stranger Rushes To Help Her

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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It’s always heartbreaking to hear a rescue dog’s backstory.

I have two rescue dogs. One was found on the side of the highway. The other came to us directly from a family who could no longer care for her. Hearing about their pasts makes me sad, but I’m also happy to know that they’re safe and loved with my family now.

Hopefully, someone will have those same feelings about little Gracie soon.

Gracie was found on the side of the road in Milwaukee, in September.

The 2-year-old pit bull/terrier mix was forced out of her owners’ car. When she tried to walk back to the car, the people inside kicked her out of the way and drove off.

Just imagining that is heartbreaking. Thankfully, a stranger witnessed the event and rushed to help Gracie.

Gracie was brought to a the local Elmbrook Humane Society, where they found she was so underweight they could see her bones. In fact, she was just 18 pounds when the Good Samaritan first brought her in.

With a month’s worth of love and care, Gracie has gained four pounds. She’s now in foster care, looking for her forever home. Hopefully this sweet pup will find the loving home she deserves — and soon!

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If you want to help, you can donate toward Gracie’s recovery here.

Footage provided by WITI Milwaukee

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