Parents Are Baffled By Son’s Mysterious Health Issues Til Tests Show Dump Site May Be The Cause

by Jess Butler
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The Mcnaughton family wasn’t sure why their son, Jack, kept getting sick so often. Then, a couple of tests revealed that the source of their 20-month old son’s woes was sitting just around the corner.

They decided to test their water and little Jack’s blood, but when they did, they were horrified. Allegedly cancer-causing chemicals — or Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) — were present in Jack’s blood — and his count was 50 times greater than the national average.

This terrifying news followed their home test results, which said the water in their pipes had 28 times the safe level of PFAS, a recommended 70 parts per trillion.

Jack’s parents were outraged and came forward to expose what they thought was causing the pollution as well as their son’s serious health issues.

In the video below, the family claims that a nearby dump site is the likely source.

Jack’s father, Seth, says, “He’s had almost every cold or flu. He’s just getting over one right now. It seems like he’s always sick.”

Fortunately, the family has already taken action to improve everyone’s health and installed their own water purifying filter. They hope that speaking out about this less studied and hardly talked about issue will open up people’s eyes and help save others.

Check out the full message these concerned parents are trying to send in the video below, and please SHARE if you think everyone should have access to safe water!

Footage and Thumbnail Photo: Tribune; Flickr / Redwin Law

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