Owner Sits Adorable Mini Horse Down In Her Car, Then Catches Him Stealing Sips Of Her Cappuccino

by Jess Butler
Jess is a curly-haired Jersey girl who adores penguins and watches the worst reality shows on TV.

Dumbledore the mini horse was born with some serious health complications, but that hasn’t stopped him from having quite an inquisitive nature. According to his owner, “he had no kneecaps or stifles, his lungs had not developed, he had extremely low white blood cells, and a few other life-threatening conditions.”

Thankfully the mini horse grew to be healthy due to his amazing caretakers in Brisbane, Australia.

In the video below, the tiny brown foal is placed safely into his owner’s car, right beside a green cappuccino sitting in the cup holder.

Dumbledore definitely has his eye on the prize.

The fluffy, brown mini horse places his mouth and lips around the top of his owner’s paper cup and begins to nibble, trying to steal a sip.

Dumbledore inches closer and closer, trying his best to get a taste of the cappuccino next to him. His adorable little snout wriggles around as he chews down on the side of the cup.

His owner wastes no time and films his struggle with ease. The mini horse is continuing on, not giving up on his taste test.

You can hear all his cute nibbles on the cup throughout the entire video. He even tries to change his head’s position just a bit, thinking it might help him toward his goal. 

Suddenly, Dumbledore makes a mess inside the car. To see what he does, check out the video below and please SHARE this mini horse’s adorable antics with your favorite animal lovers!

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