She Puts Duct Tape On Her Bikini Top, Then Her Breasts Are Totally Transformed

by Emerald Pellot
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This one definitely is a doozy. Nicole Skyes brings us another totally out-there, but totally effective beauty hack. This one certainly isn’t for everybody, but for the ladies who are willing to show a little skin and want to get a lift, this “DIY boob job” trick will be your saving grace.

You won’t have to go under the knife or change what you’ve been endowed with to fit into that dress that needs to be filled out just a little more.

All you need for this is duct tape — as Nicole advises, make sure you’re not allergic to it by doing a spot test on your wrist first.

She also warns that this stuff is duct tape, it’s sticky, so removing it might pull a few of your hairs off. She recommends using an oil like coconut oil to help lubricate the adhesive before you take it off.

All you have to do is use long strips of duct tape and carefully place them vertically from shoulder to just under the areola. The trick is to lift as you tape, as Nicole does in the video below.

Only place the strips on the sides of the body. You don’t want a line connecting across the way a bra would, since that would interfere with the optical illusion. See how Nicole gives herself a painless “boob job” below.

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