Stunning PSA Highlights Contributions Of Unsung Scientists

by Emerald Pellot
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Without science, where would the human race be? Our life spans would be shorter without medicine, less convenient without smartphones, and less practical without heat.

Yet, so many of us take scientists — the individuals who push progress forward — entirely for granted.

DSM created this wonderful short clip about, as they phrase it, “a handful of inspirational people that you’ve probably never heard of.”

“People often think that science is there for the sake of science,” says DSM global brand Digital and Communications Director Jos van Haastrecht. “We really would like to shift the perception to science for a societal purpose.”

In this video, you’ll watch real people come up with real solutions for the problems that the world faces every day, including everything from sustainability and disabilities to disease and food scarcity.

These problems seem insurmountable — and yet every day there are people, scientists, fighting to solve these ideas on behalf of the human race.

People with big ideas are the ones who make the biggest difference. Just take a look at Be My Eyes, an app that allows the blind to see.

The scientists in this video are all real people, and maybe you haven’t heard of them (I certainly hadn’t), but maybe now you’ll be able to appreciate the incredible work they’ve done.

“Showing the real scientists in the film makes it all the more powerful, but also somewhat challenging since they had no acting experience,” says 1Camera partner J.P. de Pont. “So getting these non-actors to act in their own story was a concern. However, because the struggles are such an everyday reality for these and most scientists, the emotion was already in them.”

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