Doctor Who’s Acting Drunk While Delivering Baby Has No Clue Pregnant Woman’s Family Is Filming

by Barbara Diamond
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You’d never think the words “tequila” and “happy hour” would be uttered during childbirth, yet that’s exactly what one family is claiming they heard in the delivery room.

After her labor was induced in May 2015, Las Vegas mom Alex Sims says her on-call obstetrician and gynecologist — who was filling in for her actual doctor — was exhibiting some very strange behavior.

As things took a bizarre and disturbing turn during the delivery of Alex’s son, her family began recording the scene on their cell phones.

Alex claims her epidural was wearing off, but instead of helping to make her more comfortable, her doctor kept calling her cruel names and mocking her weight.

And when the camera panned down, it showed her doctor wearing Bermuda shorts in the delivery room. But the most shocking part is that the doctor can be heard openly talking to the nurses about drinking alcohol earlier that day!

While some viewers believe the staff could have just been joking, Alex’s mom says she smelled alcohol on his breath.

Alex, who says she feels betrayed by the medical professionals, is now suing the hospital. She’s sharing her story to warn other families who may find themselves in similar situations.

All patients are encouraged to check their doctors’ licenses, qualifications, and reviews.

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Video Credit: KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas / Facebook / YouTube

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