Drumstick Cereal Is Here To Make Your Childhood ‘Ice Cream For Breakfast’ Dreams A Reality

by Angela Andaloro

Everyone has their guilty pleasure when it comes to snacking. For many, their childhood love of ice cream has followed them into adulthood.

You’ve probably been told for years and years that ice cream for breakfast is not really a thing. The difference is, now you’re a grown-up and can make your own rules. Yes, that does mean you’re also responsible for prioritizing your health and keeping your splurges in check, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge once in a while, right? General Mills has just the thing for when you’re having one of those days. The company is teaming up with Nestlé to bring you Drumstick cereal.

Drumstick cereal will be available in two delicious Drumstick-inspired flavors. For those who like to keep it simple, there’s Classic Vanilla. If you’re looking for something with just a bit more flavor to it, there’s Mint Chocolate. The ice-cream-flavored cereals are made of sweetened corn and wheat cereal, so all things considered, they aren’t the worst way to start your day.

ice cream display

There are very few treats that can really provide you a whole experience. Ice cream is definitely one of them.

ice cream cone

Ice cream combines all the best things. For many, it brings back childhood nostalgia and provides comfort. It’s also indisputably delicious, no matter what your preferred flavor.

As kids, we all learned that ice cream was a dessert. That means that no matter how badly you want to, you can’t substitute it for a meal.

Since most people frown upon eating desserts for breakfast, that has meant you couldn’t start your day with a sweet treat. Now it looks like that’s about to change.

Remember Drumsticks? The Nestlé classic is a waffle cone filled with vanilla ice cream, topped with a shell of hard chocolate and roasted peanuts. Hidden in that waffle cone is a chocolate nib that is the perfect end to an already awesome treat.

General Mills has decided to take all that flavor and bring it to breakfast time. The food products company is rolling out two varieties of Drumstick cereal.

Drumstick cereal will be available in Classic Vanilla and Mint Chocolate flavors. The cereal is a combination of sweetened corn and wheat.

The delicious new breakfast offering was spotted in Walmart locations in Ohio and South Carolina. Walmart confirmed to Delish that the cereal is rolling out at locations across the country this week.

It’s unclear if Drumstick cereal will be a Walmart exclusive. What is clear is that people are seriously excited to get their hands on a box.

It’s a realization of everyone’s ice-cream-for-breakfast dreams. That nostalgic feeling has a lot of people very interested in trying this out.

Drumstick cereal is one of several recent specialty cereal offerings that have gotten foodies talking. While some of these cereals have been a bust, this new cereal-dessert combo has given many people high hopes.

Some lucky foodies have apparently already gotten to sample the new product. One person compared the taste to Golden Grahams.

Of course, there are some skeptics. Some people maintain that sweet cereal is just too much in the mornings.

It looks like you’ll have to try Drumstick cereal yourself to see if it’s a sweet start to the day or a toothache in the making. With a wider distribution planned for this week, we’ll be hearing plenty more feedback from cereal connoisseurs soon.