When Mom In Labor Fails Drug Test, State Threatens To Take Newborn Away Because Of Her Breakfast

by Amy Paige
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Elizabeth Eden reached her due date and couldn’t wait to finally meet her baby girl, Beatrice. On the way to the hospital to give birth, the excited mom-to-be picked up some breakfast before going into active labor at St. Joseph Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

The delivery went smoothly, but Elizabeth and her husband Brian soon received some unbelievable news that left them traumatized.

The doctor walked into the delivery room and told Elizabeth she had just tested positive for opiates. The couple insisted there was a mistake.

Beatrice, meanwhile, was quickly whisked away and kept at the hospital so she could undergo drug testing.

Elizabeth begged to be tested again, refusing to believe the positive results.

Instead, she was reported to the state as a suspected drug user, and social workers were dispatched to the Eden household to investigate the home.

Beatrice was tested for withdrawal symptoms every few hours for the next five days. “I thought I was in ‘The Twilight Zone,'” Elizabeth told Inside Edition.

Three weeks later, baby Beatrice was officially deemed free of any controlled substances.

As for Elizabeth, her caseworker came to realize exactly why she failed her drug test — and now the new mom is warning other pregnant women not to follow in her footsteps.

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