Teen Thinks Her Drooping Eye Is Due To A Night Of Drinking, Then Doctors Find A Brain Tumor

by Caralynn Lippo
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Megan Barker noticed that her left eyelid looked different, but she wrote off the drooping eye as a consequence of her night out.

During a FaceTime call en route to a work Christmas party in late 2017, Megan’s boyfriend noticed and commented on her “uneven” eyes. According to the Mirror, the 19-year-old told news service SWNS that she initially assumed it looked that way due to drinking alcohol the night before, resulting in having “wonky eyes.”

But the problem returned three weeks later, when Megan’s family once again noticed that her left eye looked strange.

“There was eight of us there and every person had asked what was wrong with my eye,” she recalled.

“This is when I think I first started realizing it wasn’t just me that was noticing the change in it.”

Megan thought she might be allergic to her fake eyelashes or possibly have some kind of eye infection causing the droop. She attempted to book a doctor’s appointment, but no one could see her immediately due to the holidays. Deciding it was urgent, Megan visited St. Mary’s Hospital on December 28, where doctors ordered CT scans and X-rays. Tests revealed something far more than a false lashes allergy or infection: There was a tumor in her sinus cavity.

The mass was thankfully benign and noncancerous, but it needed to be removed surgically because it was pressing against Megan’s left eye socket (which caused the eye droop). She underwent a bifrontal craniotomy to remove the mass on February 20. As a temporary side effect of the procedure, Megan’s eyes swelled completely shut for a while, which she described as “horrible.” She was released after three days in the hospital.

“It was really scary and stressful but they said because it was affecting my vision, they couldn’t just leave it,” she said.

Surprisingly, Megan hadn’t had any other noticeable symptoms as a result of the 4-pound tumor. Now she wants to raise awareness and encourage others to seek medical testing if they notice anything out of the ordinary.

“When it happened to me I searched online for symptoms, and also then pictures of what I would look like and couldn’t find anything, so I wanted to show people,” she explained.

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