Man Is Awestruck When Giant Hole In Driveway Opens Up To Secret Rooms Preserved Under Home

by June Rivers
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While pulling into his driveway in the UK, Simon Marks thought he had driven straight into a flowerbed after the wheels of his car caved in.

Suddenly, a massive hole open up beneath him. At first, Simon figured it was a sinkhole or a poorly constructed garden he’d never seen before.

For a few terrifying moments, Simon feared his entire house would begin to sink. He quickly snapped some photos of the hole and sent them to his father.

Meanwhile, Simon grabbed a ladder and his selfie stick and used the camera to see what was down there —  and he found himself peering into two distinct rooms!

Simon’s dad thought this mysterious underground space was a WWII-era air raid shelter, made from concrete lintels. The space was filled with mud and contained old items like glass bottles and vintage newspapers.

Despite being covered and walked on for years, this strange shelter was in “immaculate” condition.

Simon thought the shelter, which was at least five feet deep, might have been built after a German bomb landed close to the house during the war. He’d bought the house from an elderly couple who built it in the 1970s.

“The previous owner must have known it was there. And when he built the house and put a garden in, he must have filled it in,” he told SWNS.

Thus began Simon and his father’s mission to clear out the shelter and preserve it, if possible. “It’s part of our history,” he said, “so it should be kept.”

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