Woman Hates Her License Photo So Much That She Gets A Professional Makeover Just To Retake It

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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It’s pretty common to hate your driver’s license photo, but most of us are probably too busy (and lazy) to go back to the DMV to actually get it changed.

Well, apparently not all of us.

For years, Jaclyn Diamond, a 31-year-old fashion consultant who lives in New York City, had a license photo she absolutely hated.

She told Inside Edition that she didn’t think much of it when she was getting her picture taken the first time. “I literally just rolled out of bed and went and got my picture taken and didn’t realize that, years later, it would be the same picture,” she said.

After 10 years with the picture, Jaclyn had had enough. She decided it was time to get a new picture — and this time around, she got some professional help to make sure she loved it.

With the help of makeup artists and hairdressers, Jaclyn got a total makeover just for the picture. As Inside Edition shows in their coverage, Jaclyn even took a page out of Khloé Kardashian‘s book and hired a lighting director for the license photo.

Would you ever go to extremes like these just to get a good ID photo?

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Photos: CBS — Inside Edition

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