Drew Barrymore Shares A Photo Of Herself Sobbing To Make A Powerful Point About ‘Difficult’ Days

by Kim Wong-Shing
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No matter how “perfect” your life is, you’re bound to have some truly crappy days. Even Drew Barrymore has them, and to prove it, the actress recently posted a very revealing set of photos on Instagram.

In the first photo, Drew rocks a blowout and immaculate lipstick. She’s smiling and calm and photo-ready.

In the second photo, though, Drew is crying. Not just a cute little tear, but truly bawling her eyes out. Her makeup and hair aren’t done, she’s not even attempting a smile, and she looks downright distraught.

Because even successful and happy-looking celebrities occasionally cry themselves into oblivion. And that’s OK.

“What I propose [is] some days are great and beautiful,” the actress wrote in the caption.

“Sure, I can be this with two hours of hair and makeup and amazing photography and lighting. I also feel beautiful after a sweaty workout…”

“But it all takes work!” the actress continued. “Which is good because we can achieve it. What I can’t hide is that some days are difficult and not so pretty.”

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Drew Barrymore has long been beloved for her candidness with her fans.

Unlike many celebrities, Drew regularly posts photos of herself both with and without makeup on social media, and she never shies away from telling a hilarious or heartbreaking story.

Recently, Drew took honesty to another level by posting two photos in a set on Instagram.

In the first photo, she’s in full glam mode. Her hair and makeup are done, and she’s smiling and looking poised.

In the second photo, Drew is red-faced and crying, and her hair is all over the place.

It’s a look that we’ve all sported at some point, whether or not we looked in the mirror or took a photo.

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Celebrities are no exception, despite what some starry-eyed fans think. That’s exactly why Drew posted the photo for everyone to see.

“Sure, I can be this with two hours of hair and makeup and amazing photography and lighting,” Drew wrote in reference to the first photo. “I also feel beautiful after a sweaty workout… But it all takes work!”

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“What I can’t hide is that some days are difficult and not so pretty,” she continued.

“I realize I am lucky with solvable problems and my gratitude is never ending. But sometimes life can just get to you and take you down for a minute! But we cry and then pick ourselves up and put one foot in front of the other.”

Drew finished by asking her followers if they could relate to her post. And they really, really did.

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The photo has over 790,000 likes and counting, and everyone from fellow celebrities to regular old fans chimed in to support Drew’s message.

Many people shared their own difficult experiences.

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And others think Drew looks beautiful in both photos.

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In a world where it’s easy to constantly compare yourself to people’s seemingly “perfect” lives on social media, this message is important.

The post was part of a five-part series in which Drew wrote about how her inner world really looks and how it’s much less neat than her public image. She used the hashtag #TheWayItLooksToUs.

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Shortly after the crying photo, Drew posted two throwback photos of herself with her ex-husband and the father of her children, Will Kopelman.

“I remember reading an article that said I had gotten my happy ending after all. Looking at this picture, it sure looks that way,” she wrote in the caption. “And then, like many times in life for all of us, our plans change and our dreams are adjusted. But that doesn’t mean that every second wasn’t worth it.”

“After all, I did get my dream. Two healthy girls. Will and I continue to marvel at what we made and try to be the best co parents we can be. It’s not always easy and the point is…nothing in life is. But it doesn’t mean that any bitter outweighs the sweet!”

Drew and Will split up more than two years ago.

Every time Drew opens up about her life on Instagram, the realness seems to be contagious.

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Whether she’s talking about relationships, kids, or wellness, Drew’s openness inspires others to open up, too.

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Here’s to more vulnerability in 2019!