Use An Old Dress Form To Create Stunning Christmas Decor

by Elissa Salamy
Elissa is a writer from Philadelphia, currently studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina! She likes foreign movies with subtitles, fancy soap, loose leaf tea and punk rock.

Christmas is right around the corner, and there are a million traditional or non-traditional ways you could decorate your home for the holidays.

In the past, we’ve shown you how to create your own yule log, and how to turn your favorite family photos into Christmas ornaments — but what about some non-traditional decorations to get your home into the Christmas spirit?

That’s why I instantly fell in love when I saw this creative DIY project! Who knew that a simple dress form could make the perfect Christmas decor?

Think it might be a little tricky to find an old dress form? Sewing supply stores, thrift shops, antique malls, or flea markets might have just the right thing!

With a bit of imagination and some fabric, lights, and a few evergreen boughs, you can create a unique and beautiful DIY dress form to ring in the holidays in style.

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Start off with a blank canvas: a plain dress form. You can find them at flea markets and garage sales, or even buy one brand new from a sewing store.

Add lights and red and white poinsettias to evergreen boughs to create a Christmas tree dress.

With peacock feathers and a violet ribbon, this wire dress form uses interesting colors to inspire holiday cheer.

Use fabric to make it look like a wrap dress. Add some rose and gold ornaments to make this dress form decoration incredibly classy.

Deck your halls with this dress form adorned with red pinecones and a canvas ribbon.

The shape of this Christmas dress form is super chic and simple to create with white and green evergreen boughs and red accents.

Gold garland, a gold ribbon, and tulle really shine against the contrast of the black velvet dress form. Red ball ornaments make for the perfect necklace!

I love the contrast between the delicate white lace and the tartan ribbon in this classic dress form decoration.

Pink roses freshen up this dress of evergreen, and is perfect for all of winter, not just the holiday season!

Peacock feathers — accented by purple, blue, and gold ornaments — add interesting colors that go far beyond the traditional red and green.

Full Christmas trees are always the most sought after, but how about a full skirt made from Christmas trees?

By just adding evergreen boughs and a long red ribbon, you have a Christmas decoration that looks fit for a princess.

Sometimes, the simpler is better. Bring a wire dress form outside and decorate with just a bit of evergreen and a bright red ribbon.

Which of these styles is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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