Mom Chooses A Dream House Over A Baby, Then Strangers Say She Is Greedy

by Emerald Pellot
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Sarah Scott wrote an article detailing her and her husband’s choice to give up on having a third child.

The article, titled “I Made a Huge Sacrifice to Buy My Dream Home,” has started an outright “mommy war” according to ABC News.

When Sarah and her husband were in their 30s, they made one big decision: to buy a luxury home instead of having a third child.

Though it’s easy to judge how others lead their lives, like the man who wouldn’t let his wife quit her job, if no one is getting hurt, it’s usually best to stay out of things.

“My husband and I purchased our dream home entirely on our own,” she wrote. “Money wasn’t gifted for our down payment nor did we expect that. […] By our early thirties, we were able to sell our first starter home, to build the fully-loaded luxury home of our dreams. With that said, certain sacrifices had to be made for this dream to come true for us. The first being that we can only afford to have two children.”

However, after having their dream home, the reality sank in that Sarah did in fact want another child.

“My uterus literally aches despite the fact that logic suggests we can’t afford it right now. After talking it over, and trying to adjust the budget, we have come to the conclusion that the decision to buy our dream home last year has eliminated the possibility of having any more children,” she said.

Sarah says that if they had another child they would have to downsize: giving up their time-share vacation home, moving into a smaller house, and, for Sarah, getting a job.

For many readers, it wasn’t that Sarah chose not to have a child that was insulting; it was her prioritizing of luxury items that most people make do just fine without that seemed bizarre.

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