Pregnant Wife Learns ‘Dream Home’ Is Really A Meth Lab—Only After Fetus Tests Positive For Drugs

by Amy Paige
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Tyler and Elisha Hessel were so excited to purchase their dream home. The four-bedroom house located in Jefferson County, Missouri, was everything they’d been looking for.

It had been completely renovated, with beautiful white trim, brand-new carpets, and necessary repairs.

Shortly after moving in, Tyler and Elisha’s neighbors made some strange comments about the people who lived there last — and that they were happy to finally have “normal” people living next door.

The Hessels were a bit freaked out by the comments, but they had more important things to worry about. Because after three years of trying to conceive, Elisha was finally pregnant.

Tyler and Elisha focused on the pregnancy and getting the baby’s nursery together. They felt their cozy new home was the perfect place to welcome and raise their very first child.

Then, at six weeks pregnant, Elisha received the results of her prenatal tests. She was completely shocked when nurses said they found traces of amphetamines in her system.

They asked Elisha if she could explain the troubling results, almost as if they were accusing her of being a drug user. However, Tyler and Elisha had never been around meth.

That’s when Tyler and Elisha learned the disturbing truth about what they thought was their perfect home.

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