Weeks After Moving Into ‘Dream Home,’ Woman Discovers Real Estate Listing Was A Complete Lie

by Amy Paige
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According to The Real Deal, many real estate transactions fail to go through because of home inspection results.

One real estate broker told the publication that some inspections “have become a nightmare for sellers and their agents.”

Cathy Arrington knows this firsthand. The woman was instantly intrigued by a real estate listing that seemed to describe her dream home. The suburban house located outside of Chicago was described as move-in ready. The photos cemented her desire; it was exactly the type of house and in the condition that she was looking for. In fact, the listing stated the house was “so well-maintained that you can move right in, and not lift a finger.”

To Cathy, it was a no-brainer. She closed the deal and couldn’t wait to start her new chapter.

An air quality test wasn’t included in the standard home inspection. And Cathy doesn’t remember signing any sort of disclosure acknowledging that mold might exist inside.

The first couple of weeks in her new “dream house” went well. But just weeks later, the cracks started to reveal themselves.

While the home may have looked move-in ready, like the original listing suggested, it was anything but.

Behind the walls, under the floors, and inside the pipes and air vents was a hidden trove of homeowner horrors… What living beneath the perfection was downright horrific.

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