Dr. Phil Evaluates Woman Accused Of Duping Prospective Adoptive Parents In A Heartbreaking Scam

by Angela Andaloro

Dr. Phil has tackled many issues in his time on television, but this may be one of the most serious yet.

In a two-part episode airing Thursday and Friday, Dr. Phil invites a woman accused of a heartbreaking scam to face those she’s hurt.

The woman, identified as Gabby, 24, steals pregnancy body and ultrasound photos from women on social media. She then contacts couples looking to adopt, pretending to be a pregnant woman who will give the couples her child. One of many women online running this type of scam, she’s broken the hearts of many prospective adoptive parents.

Gabby contacted one couple, Lauren and Julio. She pretended to be a 15-year-old girl named Taylor and offered them the twins she was supposedly pregnant with for adoption. Amy and Kylie, two women running service referral site Adoption For My Child, say that couples they’ve worked with have also been scammed by Gabby. Kyndra, an expectant mom, says her photos were taken from social media and among those used in the scam.

Before bringing Gabby out, Dr. Phil notes that this is an emotionally fragile person. “This is an individual that is not well,” he explains. “She’s very delicate. She is very fragile. She is very immature and she’s functioning an emotional age, in my opinion, much lower than 24.”

“This is a someone that is very lonely, has no relationships with anyone,” he continued. While he goes on to explain that he can’t diagnose her, he throws out borderline personality disorder, narcissism, and antisocial personality disorder as possible underlying issues for someone who would hurt people in such a cruel way.

“She’s terribly low in self-worth and self-esteem and really fragile. Does that excuse what she’s doing? [Expletive] no, it doesn’t excuse what she’s doing,” he said. “But if she had any kind of resource, she could have joined a support group … she could have become a member of a church, she could have volunteered working with children. She could have done a thousand different things to create belongingness and acceptance but instead, she chose to victimize people.”

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