Dr. Barbara Ziv, A Key Witness In The Harvey Weinstein Trial, Was Hit By A Car Last Night

by Angela Andaloro

Dr. Barbara Ziv, a forensic psychiatrist who was a key witness in the Harvey Weinstein trial, has been hit by a car.

Barbara was a witness for the prosecution, providing crucial testimony to dispel the “myths of rape trauma.”

The first expert witness, she answered questions and provided expert analysis on the behaviors of sexual assault survivors. Dr. Ziv also delved into the reasons why some accusers maintained contact with Weinstein after his alleged abuse.

Dr. Ziv is currently in the hospital after being struck by a vehicle while she was crossing the street. She has reportedly suffered several broken bones.

There are no indications that the incident is related to her testimony in Weinstein’s trial. It does, however, fit a disturbing pattern: Weinstein has allegedly used his influence in the past to have people followed and threatened, as noted by Law & Crime.

Dr. Ziv’s testimony was believed to be a key element in Weinstein’s guilty verdict. He was convicted of third-degree rape and a criminal sexual act but acquitted of the more serious charges of first-degree rape and predatory sexual assault. He is facing up to 29 years in jail. Weinstein also faces additional charges in Los Angeles. It’s believed the New York verdict will help the California prosecutor’s case.

Weinstein himself was hospitalized for heart palpitations after the verdict was read. When released, the 67-year-old will be sent to New York’s Rikers Island, where he will await sentencing.

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