Hilarious Parody Video ‘Downton Babby’ Helps Raise Money For Underprivileged Kids

by Ariana Seigel
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Now that the winter season is officially upon us, it’s the perfect time to binge-watch your favorite TV shows.

Though Netflix has allowed us to enjoy infinite seasons of our most beloved throwback sitcoms, I’ll likely be watching this hilarious LEGO homage to one of my personal favorites: The Golden Girls. 

And when I heard that one of TV’s most award-winning shows was being reimagined with kids, I knew I just had to check it out!

Downton Babby is a spot-on spoof of – you guessed it – Downton Abbey, and was created for an amazing cause: Ella’s Kitchen, a UK-based baby food company, created the viral short as a way to raise awareness for their newest holiday-inspired product, Jingle Belly, in partnership with the advocacy group Save The Children.

Scroll through below for this perfect parody of a TV classic, and to see just how Ella’s Kitchen is trying to make this winter season a little brighter for kids everywhere.

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[H/T: Ella’s Kitchen, Daily Mail]

This year, Ella’s Kitchen created a viral sensation by producing a short inspired by Downton Abbey that’s truly a pitch-perfect replica of the original.

The company cast hilarious child actors to play your favorite TV royalty  and their impressions of both the stately family and kitchen staff are absolutely spot-on.

In this episode of Downton, Christmas dinner is in jeopardy: Their trusty oven is broken! While the worried staff attempts to come up with an alternative, Lady Edith and The Countess bemoan a potentially ruined Christmas.

This would certainly be a terrible tragedy for the actual residents of Downton.

Thankfully, dinner is saved by Roger, a good-natured Brussels sprouts salesman who offers his wares.

The video ends as Lady Edith suggests a wily idea: combining the traditional holiday dishes into an easily digestible meal!

Thus, Jingle Belly is born.

Ella’s Kitchen has created a brand-new baby food sensation with this adorable packet containing an entire meal in one.

With peas, potatoes, broccoli, carrots, sprouts, cranberries and even turkey all squeezed into a tiny pouch, it’s the perfect way for your baby to enjoy a healthy holiday meal along with the rest of the family.

Ella’s Kitchen has partnered with Save The Children to bring you Jingle Belly and this hilarious parody, as they’re donating a portion of the profits from each pouch sold to the organization.

Save The Children has created an especially relevant program in the UK: Families and Schools Together (FAST). The initiative itself brings families and schools together to help support underserved children in their communities.

The program is an eight-week session of after-school activities aimed at helping children improve their reading, language, and math skills at home and in school. 

It also helps give parents the resources they need to support their children’s educational growth, and strengthens communication between school districts and the families they serve. 

And Ella’s Kitchen is the perfect brand to team up with FAST. Offering tasty and natural USDA certified foods, Ella’s Kitchen combines kid-friendly packaging with meals that are gluten-free, organic, and delicious.

Developed by a super-dad who was concerned about the lack of available healthy baby food items, Ella’s Kitchen is named after owner Paul’s daughter, Ella.

Ella’s Kitchen is a brand with a mission, creating viral videos to help spread their message and aid underprivileged children.

To see the whole story, watch Ella’s Kitchen’s Downton Babby below.

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