Cops Put Crime-Scene Tape Around Cruiser After They Look At The Windshield And See A Dove’s Nest

by Phil Mutz
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Officers at the Pearland Police Department in Pearland, Texas, got quite the surprise when they noticed a strange inhabitant had moved onto the hood of one of their cruisers.

A mourning dove had made herself a nest right on top of the cop car. However, the department’s officers had a very unexpected reaction.

Instead of moving the nest or doing anything that might be harmful to the dove and her eggs, the Pearland police have roped off the area to ensure the bird’s babies come into this world safely.

They even go out of their way to walk past and check on her each day. Officer James Wells said, “Instead of taking the back side of the employee parking lot, I see them come this way quite often, so they may not say it, but they all check on her.”

And the excitement about the dove has extended beyond the department to the entire community. A Facebook vote was taken to help name the soon-to-be mom, and “Pearl” was the winning moniker!

Watch the video below to see just how amazing the officers have been in response to Pearl’s unique nesting location.

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Footage provided by CW39

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