Mom Finds Weird Lemon-Scented Lump In Bathroom, Then Is Horrified To Learn It’s A Urinal Cake

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Ashford Evans is no stranger to the bizarre (and gross) things that kids can get up to.

As a mother of three, she’s just about seen it all, from sampling the contents of the litter box (really) to animals being snuck into the house (including a dying turtle).

She’s definitely handled some very strange and stomach-turning events.

Let’s be real: people are gross, and kids don’t even pretend to hide their grossness. Still, nothing could have prepared her for this one.

Ashford, a pharmaceutical sales rep, had been away for a while on a business trip. Everything seemed pretty normal when she got back home… Until she walked into the bathroom.

“When I entered the bathroom, I was greeted by a sweet citrus smell,” she wrote on her blog.

“The entire bathroom seemed to have been scrubbed just before my arrival. I looked around astonished that my husband would think to clean the house just before my arrival (God knows how much I hate returning to a messy house), and that’s when I saw it.”

There was a strange bar of soap sitting in a bowl on one of the bathroom shelves.

Ashford didn’t remember buying lemon-scented soap, but figured maybe she’d just forgotten about it. It wasn’t the prettiest bar of soap, but it smelled great.

In fact, it smelled so good that Evans couldn’t help but pick it up for a whiff every now and again.

It was something she’d come to regret. A lot.

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When Ashford Evans posted this photo, the mysterious object in the bowl caused quite a stir. 

Once readers discovered what the strange blob was, they were horrified — and Ashford’s story and image quickly went viral.

Continue reading below to learn what this grossed-out mom found in her bathroom!

I came home after being out of town and found this in the bathroom.

It smelled like lemony soap but I couldn’t quite figure out what it was.

All day I kept revisiting it and picking it up, smelling it, trying to figure it out.

Well, I finally asked Eeny [Ashford’s codename for her daughter] for where it came from.”


Meeny [Ashford’s codename for her son] got it out of the boys’ bathroom at Tae Kwon Do,” she replied.

So yes… I have been fondling a urinal cake from the gym all day long.

If we can take anything from Evans’ story, it’s that if something mysterious and fragrant appears in your home, get the scoop on where it came from before touching it!

Can you imagine finding something like this in your bathroom?

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