DON’T FEED YOUR DOG THAT! 15 Human Foods To Avoid – MUST SEE!

by Julie Roberts
Julie lives in greater New York with her husband and dog. Cooking, gardening, traveling, and being as active as possible are some of her favorite hobbies. She is not a big fan of TV - except maybe The Food Network.

No. 1: Chocolate
Chocolate contains Theobromine, which is sort of like caffeine. Too much Theobromine can be toxic, especially to smaller dogs. So definitely keep this away out of their reach!


No. 2: Grapes or Rasins
No one really knows why grapes are poisonous to dogs, but when in doubt, keep them far away from your pooch! If your dog starts to vomit, or loses her appetite or seems weak after possibly ingesting grapes or raisins, take her to the vet immediately.


No. 3: Avocados
Besides the fact that they could possibly ingest the pit, your dog can’t tolerate Persin, which is a toxin in all avocados. It doesn’t affect humans, but can be very harmful depending on the type of dog you have.


No. 4: Onions
Even something like onion salt can affect your dog, so keep any sort of onion or onion flavoring away from them. The onion can do harm to their red blood cells.


No. 5: Moldy Food
Dogs seem instinctively drawn to the trash whenever their owners step away, but this can be very dangerous if there’s old or moldy food in there. Different sorts of mold can be disastrous to your dog’s stomach, so make sure you always dispose of such items in a trash can that your dog can’t get into.


No. 6: Salt
Refrain from giving your pooch snacks that are high in salt, and never let them get into the salt shakers. Too much salt can be extremely hazardous to their health and can include seizures and vomiting. In extreme cases, too much salt can cause death.


No. 7: Dairy
What’s the big deal about giving your dog a bite of ice cream or a piece of cheese? Dogs can be lactose intolerant too, just like people. Some dogs will feel just a little discomfort, while others may have very intense digestion issues. When considering a treat, it’s best to steer clear of any sort of dairy.

Dog and Ice Cream

No. 8: Chicken or turkey bones
These types of bones are very delicate, and could break apart, causing choking or even harming the lining of your pet’s stomach. ONLY give your pet regular dog bones to ensure it’s the right consistency for them.


No. 9: Garlic
Like onions, when any type of garlic product is ingested by your dog, it could cause harm to their red blood cells. That means no leftover pasta, or even meat marinated in garlic.

garlic 2

No. 10: Yeast
Since yeast expands in warm and moist conditions, if your dog ends up stealing some when you’re baking, it could expand in his stomach and cut off bloodflow, causing breathing problems.


No. 11: Macadamia nuts
You only need 2.2 grams of macadamia nuts to equal a poisonous dose for your pup, even though, like grapes, no one really knows why. If your dog seems depressed, tired, or is having stomach issues, and you think she may have gotten into some Macadamia nuts, take her immediately to the vet!


No. 12: Alcohol
Okay, there’s absolutely no reason to be giving your dog this in the first place, but if she gets into it for any reason, it can affect her the same way it affects humans, only much more intensely. It can do damage to her nervous system, and can even cause death. Keep the liquor locked up, and always watch your pet during a party when people are drinking out of cups.


No. 13: Peaches
It’s not essentially the peach – it’s the pit. Peach pits contain trace amounts of cyanide, which can obviously be poisonous to your dog (especially if you have a small one). Plus, like avocados, the pit can get stuck in his throat or stomach. They’re delicious for humans, but to be safe, just say no to giving them to your doggie!


No. 14: Gum
Xylitol gives sugarless gum its flavor, but can be dangerous to a dog’s liver. Also, both sugarless and regular gum can cause blockages in the intestines.


No. 15: Raw eggs
Raw eggs can cause Salmonella poisoning in people and in dogs, so there’s really no reason to be giving them to your pup!


In conclusion, for the most part, don’t give your dog cooked or prepared human food. Of course they’ll love you for it, but so many of our additives and spices just aren’t meant for pups. Stick to high quality dog food or a specialized plan designed by your vet.

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